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Ramos Arizpe

VYNMSA – has established industrial parks Ramos Arizpe as the new neighbor of Monterrey, Saltillo, and Texas.   Ramos Arizpe has become one of the main industrial development  locations for VYNMSA.  This city   has been gaining popularity in recent years; therefore, VYNMSA is proud to have developed the first hub for industrial parks  Ramos Arizpe.


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Industrial  developments Ramos Arizpe|   Industrial parks Ramos Arizpe

VYNMSA-Ramos Arizpe Industrial Park 

We are located 10 minutes north of Saltillo’s International Airport and 2 minutes away from the main Saltillo-Monterrey toll highway.  

VYNMSA - Ramos Arizpe  Industrial Park  has the edge by offering an ideal location, infrastructure, and access to  nearby skilled workforce. All these advantages are present with the highest standards in quality that  VYNMSA Industrial Parks can offer. If you are looking for an industrial park to purchase or lease, or if you want a custom built industrial park  in one of the most desired locations, VYNMSA has the solution at  Ramos Arizpe Industrial Parks.

VYNMSA Ramos Arizpe Industrial Park 2 – Due to the excellent location and to the high demand of buildings in our Ramos Arizpe park, VYNMSA decided to build VYNMSA Ramos Arizpe Industrial Park 2, which is conveniently located next to our first park.


Industrial parks Ramos Arizpe   |   Industrial  real estate Ramos Arizpe