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The Bajío region is one of the main locations for industrial developments in  Mexico.   Industrial parks Queretaro and our other industrial  developments in this  region have been growing at an exponential rate for the last few years. Queretaro is one of the main industrial park cities where this growth can be seen; not only because of its proximity to Mexico City, but also because of its proximity to other key cities such as San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato. This is why VYNMSA, the leading industrial developer  Mexico  has  presence in two first class industrial parks of Queretaro.

  • VYNMSA offers development and construction in the brand new industrial parks Mexico.
  •  Each VYNMSA industrial park is a success story.
  •  At VYNMSA, all our industrial parks in Mexico are built  as if they were our very own.
  •  The best quality and construction of industrial parks in all of Mexico, VYNMSA.

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VYNMSA Querétaro Industrial Park

At less than 10 minutes from Querétaros Intercontinental Airport, VQIP is the best option to establish a facility in Querétaro. We offer the best opportunities: location, easy access, specialized infrastructure, services and flexibility is what makes VYNMSA Querétaro Industrial Park an attractive spot for international companies. Industrial Real Estate Mexico by VYNMSA has available land for BTS your needs with the best industrial developers Mexico team.


Parque Industrial Querétaro (PIQ)

Conveniently located within twenty five minutes Northeast of Querétaro and within forty five minutes north of Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport.  Industrial Parks Querétaro is considered one of the finest industrial parks of Mexico.  VYNMSA has over 18 hectares of available space waiting to be leased or sold, depending on your needs.


Parque Tecnológico Innovación Querétaro (PTIQ)

Fifteen minutes Southeast from Querétaro and 25 minutes west from the airport.  Innovation Technology Park Queretaro has one of the most modern concepts regarding our biggest partner for industrial parks  Mexico. Whether you want to lease or buy, VYNMSA has more than 5 hectares to suit your needs.


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